Summit Stacked Electric Hose Reels - Overstock Special

Summit Stacked Electric Hose Reels - Overstock Special

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 4, 2018

Summit Stacked Electric Hose Reels - With Roller Guides

Ordered these for a client and could not use them.  We are offering them BELOW COST!

This is a beautiful piece of equipment:

Summit stacked electric hose reels

Heavy Duty Summit Electric Hose Reels, Color BLACK, quantity 2

12-Volt Electric Motor, quantity 2

Heavy-Duty Roller guides, quantity 2

Heavy duty swivel, quantity 2

Push button switch & solenoid, quantity 2 each

Heavy-Duty Stacking Bracket


Hurry, there is only one and it won't last.

Click to see more photos of Summit Stacked Electric Hose Reels.

We have lots of experience with multiple hose reel sprayers and Summit has the best stacking reel kit of any hose reel manufacturer.  It is made with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel.  It is the only stacking hose reel kit that we are comfortable using in a mobile (i.e., on your vehicle) setting.

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