Sprayer Tank Buildup Problems

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 10, 2014

Pest control sprayer tanks often experience a buildup of chemical residue caused by pesticides falling out of suspension and accumulating on the bottom of the tank. This causes a variety of problems.


  1. The buildup can affect the concentration of the material you are applying. For example, if the water in the tank is low and some of the residue came free, you could be applying material at higher than label rates. Alternatively, you could be inadvertently applying a different chemical from an earlier mix.
  2. When residue comes free, it clogs filters, hoses, guns, tips, etc. All of these outcomes are negative and will affect equipment availability, technician productivity and repair expenses. Clogged equipment will cause your technician to lose time and could potentially destroy your pump.
  3. The clean-out process will remove other dirt, rock and debris that accumulate in a tank that likewise plays havoc with your downstream components.