Spray Trailers for Pest & Weed Control – What are the Advantages?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 8, 2012

trailer sprayer

What are the advantages of putting your pest control or weed control sprayer on a spray trailer rather than in a truck?

-    Flexibility.  When your sprayer is in a truck, you have no flexibility.  If the truck needs service or is in an accident, the sprayer is unavailable.  If the sprayer is in a trailer, it can be used by multiple vehicles or multiple technicians.

-    Personal Vehicle.  For pest control owner/operators, this is important.  It took you months to get reservations at the best restaurant in town.  You put on your best duds and go pick up your date, the prettiest girl in town.  Do you want to arrive in a truck hauling a stinky pest control spray rig?  If the sprayer is in a trailer, you can leave it at home so you can close the deal!  Apologies to my lone female reader.

-    Space.  You can usually get a larger tank on a towable sprayer than you can in a compact or full size pickup.  This enables you to perform more or larger jobs.  The trailer dramatically increases the size and volume of equipment you can carry with you on your route.

-    Backup.  A weed control spray trailer makes a great backup in case another sprayer is down.

-    Equipment Location – There is usually more flexibility in equipment location in a trailer as compared to a pickup truck.  In a pickup truck, there are numerous constraints: gas tank, wheel wells, structural members under the bed etc., sometimes make it a challenge to place equipment exactly where you want it.

Spray trailer disadvantages in a future article.  Comments?