Spray Pump - Clean Out or Throw Out!

Spray Pump - Clean Out or Throw Out!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 25, 2010

Our client brought us the Gear spray Pump from his Weed Control Sprayer and asked us to fix it. One look told us what the problem was. The pump had never been cleaned out and the herbicide coagulated inside the pump. Among other problems, the pump shaft snapped because the gears were stuck with herbicide. The photos of the pump and filter are telling:

Pump clogged

Filter clogged

We told the client we could fix the pump but if nothing changed, they would be bringing it back to us with the same problem.  We advised that they needed to modify the plumbing to allow a garden hose to be hooked to the input side of the pump to allow the pump to be well rinsed after each use.

Cleanout is critical not just for Power Spray Rigs but also for Birchmeier Backpacks.