Spray Equipment Safety - Watch Those Overhangs

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 10, 2013

When it comes to your spray equipment, a quick inspection for risks can save pain, injuries, repairs and downtime.

Here is an example of a pest control sprayer risk that is often overlooked. In this photo, the weed spray equipment hose reel is hanging over the side of the truck. This usually occurs when the company owner does the work him/herself and tries to cram too much equipment into the truck.

The corners of the hose reel are sharp and pose a risk to the spray technician. The tech could rip his/her clothing or skin or bang their arm pretty good. The tech could catch on the reel and drop what they are carrying. None of these are life threatening problems, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be addressed.

pest control hose reel

Here is another example. The trailer hitch at the rear of the vehicle. Anyone who has ever kicked one of these with their shin knows why this is a problem.

pest control trailer HitchIf you are not pulling a trailer everyday, it may be worth removing the trailer hitch and storing it in the truck. It only takes a minute to install it, so you can put it back in when you need it.

This happened to me. I was continually bumping my leg on the hitch. It finally occurred to me that I only haul the trailer once every couple of months. There was no reason to keep hurting myself.

Perform a quick inspection of your pest control or weed control spray equipment. Look for anything that can be a hazard to you or your spray technician. Preventing minor injuries like the ones described in this post will increase safety awareness and help everyone in the company become more atuned to safety and preventing injuries.

Hope this helps.

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