Spray Equipment Safety - Secure Your Load

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 26, 2013

Spray equipment is expensive. You rely on it to service your customers and make money to support your family. Take care of it. In addition to using your spray equipment properly and doing required preventative maintenace, it is critical to make sure it is secured in your vehicle. Look at this photo:

spray equipment safety secure your loadThe backpack is in the bed of the truck, unsecured. There is a bungee cord, not attached to anything (nice landing - wrong airport!). If there is an accident or the driver is forced to make a sharp stop or turn, this backpack will cause problems. There are a number of risks apparent in this photo:

1. The backpack sustains damage, causing chemical spill (perhaps on spray tech), downtime, repair expense, etc.

2. The backpack flies through the rear windshield, hitting the driver. Ouch!

3. The backpack slams into the pump, causing pump damage. Pump damage equals: chemical spill, downtime, repair expense, etc.

4. The backpack flies out of the truck in the event of an accident, perhaps hitting another vehicle. Can you say "lawsuit"? It is not worth losing your company over this.

Take a minute at the start of your day to ensure all your weed spray equipment and pest control spray equipment is properly secured to prevent damage, spills and injuries. Don't just check your backpack sprayers and B&Gs. Periodically check toolboxes, tank straps, skid sprayers, etc.

Here is the key point: Just because its in the truck, don't assume it is attached.