Spray Equipment PPE - 5 Quick Checks to Protect Your Safety

Spray Equipment PPE - 5 Quick Checks to Protect Your Safety

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 24, 2013

Licensed pest control and weed control applicators are required to carry personal protective equipment (PPE) on their vehicle with them. Some PPE is used every day (gloves), some is not (respirators). You have heard me talk about the importance of inspecting all your spray equipmentpest control equipment and weed spray equipment. We also recommend that spray technicians periodically check their PPE to ensure it is in good working order for when they need.

pest control respirator problemCheck Personal protective equipment to make sure:

i. It’s there

ii. It’s uncontaminated

iii. It’s in good shape

iv. It’s not expired.

v. It fits.

If you are with a company with multiple technicians, then supervisors should periodically inspect vehicles to ensure PPE is present and in good working order. Another idea is to require technicians to bring their PPE to a staff meeting for inspection.

Some good policies to consider:

1. Develop a company policy on PPE. What's required, proper use, storage, replacement, etc.

2. Technicians should inspect PPE regularly.

3. Supervisors should inspect technician PPE periodically.

4. Occasionally have a technician meeting discussing safety & PPE. Ask your safety equipment provider to do a demonstration of proper use and fit of PPE. They will be happy to do this.