Spray Equipment - Make Sure Its Attached

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 1, 2013

Just because the spray equipment is in your truck, it doesn't mean its attached. Safety is critical to your pest control/weed control/landscape business. We can't take safety for granted and we probably need to spend more time thinking about safety.

This photo shows a pest control equipment tool box. As you can see the bottom is completely rusted.

The toolbox may appear to be secure, but in reality the toolbox is not attached to the vehicle very well. The metal around the bolts that are securing the backpack is probably rusted out. In the event of an accident or if the driver is forced to make a sharp move or make an evasive manuever, this toolbox is going to come loose.

I don't think there is any question the toolbox is going to come loose. The only question is what happens?

1. Toolbox comes loose and damages equipment in the truck

2. Toolbox comes loose and injures the driver or other vehicle occupants.

3. Toolbox comes loose and flies out of the vehicle, injuring others.

4. Company gets sued, lays off all employees, shuts down, owners declare bankruptcy.

Here are some key points:

A. Don't assume things are attached. Inspect.

B. Check toolboxes, skid sprayers, equipment racks, etc. to ensure that they are securely fastened to the vehicle.

C. Check power sprayer tank straps to ensure they are in good shape, structurally sound and still keeping the tank secure in the vehicle.

D. If you are the owner, manager, supervisor, train employees to make these inspections then periodically inspect them yourself.

E. Put small equipment in cages or racks to secure it. Examples: backpack sprayers, B&G sprayers, etc. If it is not secure, it can come loose and become damaged or injure someone.

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