Spray Equipment - How to Get Sued in 1 Easy Lesson

Spray Equipment - How to Get Sued in 1 Easy Lesson

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 5, 2013

When it comes to spray equipment in your truck, load security is critical. Here is a photo of a weed spray rig that was brought in for service.

backpack sprayer problem

The backpack sprayer is not secured - note the bungee cord. We don't recommend bungee cords for securing Birchmeier backpack sprayers, though a bungee cord is better than nothing. In this case, when the bungee cord is not attached, it is worse than nothing because the technician is assuming it is attached.

If this vehicle were in an accident, or the technician had to jam on the brakes or take a sharp evasive maneuver, here are some of the problems I see:

- backpack is throw against the truck, damaging the backpack.

- backpack is thrown into the rear windshield of the truck, injuring driver or impairing his ability to control the vehicle.

- backpack is ejected from the vehicle, possibly impacting another vehicle and causing personal or property damage to someone else.

- backpack is thrown into the pump (BTW - an expensive diaphragm pump), damaging the pump. This will cost significant money to fix the pump or, if the damage is not immediately obvious, the tech will start the pump and chemical will leak from the pump, causing a chemical spill or injuring the tech.

All of these outcomes are dangerous and expensive. At a minimum there is pest control equipment damage, repair expenses and downtime. At a maximum there is personal injury and lawsuit.

This is so easily avoidable. Properly secure Birchmeier backpacks and other small equipment. For this situation, we recommend a birchmeier backpack security rack.

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