Spray Equipment - Find & Eliminate Hazards

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 23, 2013

If you use power spray equipment, I recommend you inspect it periodically for hazards that could injure you or your spray techs.  We see lots of risky situations on the pest control equipment & weed sprayers that come in for service.

Here are some things to look for:

Is it hot?

Is it sharp?

Is it rusted?

Is it too tight?

Is it moving?

Is it hanging over the truck?

All of these situations can cause injury.  Here is an example:

spray equipment toolboxIn this photo, the tool box is too close to the tailgate.  If the tech slams the tail gate shut, he could injure his hand.

Will this be fatal? Of course not.  Is it smart - hell no! In this situation, the toolbox should be moved an inch or two forward.

We only get one body, we need to take care of it.

Periodically inspect your spray equipment to prevent injury.