Spray Equipment Exposed - Deep Freeze Warning

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 10, 2013

spray equipment freeze damageSpray equipment in Arizona is at risk for freeze damage due to deep freeze warning in affect this weekend.  Take steps to protect your valuable spraying equipment (power sprayers, B&G sprayers, Birchmeier backpacks, etc.).

Here are some tips:

- Release the pressure on all power sprayers and hand sprayers

- Drian water out of lines where possible

- Remove at risk components (spray gun, filter, pump if possible)

- Move equipment inside if possible

- Create a heated area around equipment if possible (lights, electric heater blanket)

- Put anti-freeze in system as a last option

- Do NOT run frozen spray equipment - you will damage it.  Let it thaw out.

- Do not put hot water (or any heat source) on a frozen pump - you will damage it.

- Be sure that your lines don't freeze on the way to your first stop.

Hope this helps.  Please share your ideas on preventing freeze damage.