Spray Equipment - Easy Way to Reduce Downtime

Spray Equipment - Easy Way to Reduce Downtime

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 26, 2011

Many of the pest control spray rigs and weed sprayers problems we see in our repair shop are minor issues that only take a few minutes to resolve. In fact, quite a few of these power sprayer problems could have been fixed in the field if the proper part had been available. I am struck by the amount of time spent driving from the job site to the repair site and back, just to make a small repair. The downtime, gas, cancelled appointments, etc. are significant costs.

We encourage our clients to keep spray equipment emergency repair kits on their trucks. There are quite a fe minor repairs that can be effected easily in the field with a minimum of parts and tools.

Emergency repair kits

Some easy fixes:

- Filter screens & gaskets

- B&G and backpack o-rings, gaskets, tips

- Spray tips

- hose clamps/hose repair kits (see photo on right)

- belts

- spray gun o-rings

Some caveats:

You should assess your equipment to determine what parts are easy to fix and what parts are worth carrying on the truck?

You should assess your (or your tech's) skill. What repairs can you (or tech) effectively complete?

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