Smart Use Extends Backpack Sprayer Product Life

Smart Use Extends Backpack Sprayer Product Life

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 30, 2015

  • Check it out. Technicians should do a quick check of their equipment before leaving their starting point (home or office). This can be as simple as a quick visual inspection, pressurizing the unit, and a quick spray to ensure proper operation. If you don’t want to discharge the product, techs can team up and spray into each other’s sprayer. If you’re going to have a problem, have it where and when you can do something about it, rather than out in the field.
  • Make sure it’s secure. Don’t drive off until you’re certain the backpack is secure in the vehicle and will stay in place if there’s a sudden stop, traffic accident, etc.


  • Take it easy. Make sure technicians aren’t overpressurizing sprayers, which will cause part failure, downtime, missed appointments and increased repair expenses. If your backpack isn’t spraying, don’t pump it up more because you’ll break it. It’s easy to turn a $3.00 O-ring replacement into a $50 repair
  • Take the pressure off. There will be longer life and fewer problems from your manual spray equipment if your technicians relieve the pressure in their unit. Certainly the pressure should be released at the end of the day and optimally at the end of each stop. Leaving your sprayer under pressure for an extended time will reduce the life of components such as hoses, gaskets and O-rings. Just like your body, which needs recreation or relaxation to relieve the stress of the workday, your sprayer needs relief or something will blow. Relieving pressure also reduces the risk of wands bursting in freezing temperatures.
  • Prevent freeze damage. Don’t expose the backpack to freezing temperatures. If this is unavoidable, release the pressure and drain all water from spray valve, hoses, etc.
  • It’s a spray wand, not a crowbar. Use the sprayer the way it’s supposed to be used. Don’t use the wand to open gates or push obstacles out of the way.
  • Ensure backpack users report problems. Employees will ignore problems and keep using sprayers. Problems always become worse when ignored.

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