Skid Sprayers - What are the Pros & Cons?

Skid Sprayers - What are the Pros & Cons?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 28, 2020

I am often asked by customers, "what are the benefits of a skid mount sprayer?"

Skid sprayers are a commonly used type of Pest Control EquipmentTermite Equipment, as well as Weed/Landscape Spray Equipment.

There are numerous ways to mount power spray equipment in a vehicle. The most common are skid, component and trailer mounts. Skid mount is attaching all the sprayer components on a metal (usually steel or aluminum) frame. The frame is then bolted to the vehicle. Component mount is bolting all the components individually to the vehicle. Trailer mount means mounting components on a trailer that’s towed behind the technician’s truck. 

Here are the pros and cons of skid mount spray rigs:

skid mount spray rigs





- Easy to install. Just bolt the skid to the vehicle.


- Fast.  It is ready to install in vehicle and make you money.  Gas powered skid sprayers are ready to go.  Electric skid sprayers will require connection to a power source, such as truck battery.

- The skid provides numerous places to bolt the sprayer, which is helpful in compact pickup trucks where access under the bed is limited.   By contrast, in component mount where all components bolt directly to the bed, the gas tank may be under the bed where you need to bolt down the tank.  This problem is avoided in a skid spray rig.

- With only one unit, it’s easier to remove from the vehicle if vehicle is to be used for another purpose, replaced or down for service.


- Easy to remove for winter storage to prevent freeze damage


- Supports standardization because most equipment vendors build standard skid sprayers





- The frame (skid) adds cost and weight.


- Most companies don’t frequently move skids in and out of trucks, because the sprayers are heavy and moving the is a hassle.  This means the easy-to-move benefit isn’t as important as you might think.


- The equipment goes where the manufacturer puts it. Particularly on standard spray skids, the owner or operator of the equipment has no input on where the components are mounted. This can affect your access for use and maintenance.  

- Just because equipment fits in the current truck, doesn’t mean it will fit – or work well – when moved to a new truck.


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