Selection: Start with the Right Equipment

Selection: Start with the Right Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 28, 2015

Backpacks and compressed air manual sprayers are important tools in the spray tech’s arsenal.

  • If all your backpacks and manual sprayers are the same, everything is easier: training, operation, maintenance and parts inventory. Standardization is one reason Southwest Airlines, which flies only 737s, makes money when other airlines lose money.
  • Select a quality product. For example, the spray valve (i.e., the spray gun) should be well built with quality materials, such as brass or steel, not plastic. The backpack must be well-builtIf the backpack looks flimsy, it probably is; don’t buy it.


  1. Serviceability. If you can’t service the sprayer, it’s a throwaway. The pump must be easily accessible for cleaning and service. The backpack’s filter must be easy to access and clean. If you can’t clean the filter, the backpack won’t last.
  2. Repair parts. Check to ensure repair parts are available. If not, the sprayer is a throwaway. Don’t buy it.
  3. Multiple tips. Are multiple spray tips available for the backpack? If not, the backpack can be used only one way, which limits its value to you.

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