Secure Your Pest Control Equipment - Or Else!

Secure Your Pest Control Equipment - Or Else!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 3, 2013

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Pest control equipment must be secured in your vehicle or you will pay the price.  What price? Equipment repairs, chemical spills, downtime, angry customers to name a few.

Here is a great example of what I mean.

This Birchmeier backpack was put in the bed of the truck but not properly secured. The backpack fell against the plumbing at the bottom of the tank.

The plumbing fitting was plastic so it broke as soon as the backpack hit it.

pest control equipment safety

So what happened? The entire contents of the 50 gallon power spray equipment tank spilled out.  The customer had quite a bit of downtime and expense cleaning up the chemical spill then getting the equipment repaired.

A couple of additional problems.  Customer had purchased a cheap sprayer off the internet without knowing the spray equipment vendor.  In addition to the cheap plastic fitting at the bottom of the tank, the tank fitting itself was junk.  It was part of the tank and it cracked when hit.  Because the tank fitting was part of the tank, it could not be repaired.

The tank had to be replaced.   Tank was some kooky size that was very difficult to find.  Weeks passed before client could have a replacement tank delivered to us to install.

My recommendations:

1.Properly secure your spray equipment.  Check out this Birchmeier security rack:


2. Inspect your equipment BEFORE driving off to ensure it is secure.

3. When it comes to weed sprayers, know who you are buying from and what you are getting.

4. When buying a sprayer, even the little stuff like fittings and clamps matter.

5. Watch out for CPS (cheap plastic stuff) in key locations.  In this example, the plastic fittings saved a little on the purchase but cost a fortune in repairs, downtime, etc.

6. Be prepared.  If you can't afford the downtime, have a backup equipment plan.  For example, keep an old sprayer around.  Inspect and test it periodically to ensure it will work when you need it.

7. Buy a Birchmeier security rack today to protect your equipment!