Safety is Free - Keep It Clean

Safety is Free - Keep It Clean

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 18, 2013

I am continually amazed at the number of pest control & weed control operators with filthy trucks: built up with spilled chemical and debris. This creates a poor image for your customers and a safety hazard for your employees who are exposed to the chemical.

There are 2 ways to overcome this problem.

Company policy - require your employees to keep their vehicles clean with regular clean out and wash.

Good design - Good design of spray equipment can help reduce chemcial build up and debris. At Quality Equipment & Spray, we design our sprayers for easy cleanout. By raising the base, our customers can easily take a hose and clean out their trucks with little effort.

Our philosophy is; if it isn't easy, it won't get done. Make it easy for your techs to keep their trucks clean by implementing good equipment design.

pest control sprayer

Note raised frame design in this 50 gallon pest sprayer.