​Quality Equipment & are now Curtis Dyna-Fog Distributors

​Quality Equipment & are now Curtis Dyna-Fog Distributors

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 11, 2017

Phoenix, AZ. Quality Equipment & Spray, and its Professional Pest Control Products website, are approved full-line distributors of  Curtis Dyna-Fog products. Additionally, Quality Equipment is approved as a qualified repair center for Curtis-Dyna Fog products.

In addition to providing products, parts and repairs, Quality Equipment will offer online training on many  Curtis Dyna-Fog products.

Curtis Dyna-Fog provides industry-leading vector control pest control equipment for over 70 years. Unlike many of the junky imported foggers on the market today, Curtis Dyna-Fog products are made in America and built to last.

When selecting a fogger, it is important to consider droplet size.  The smaller the droplet size the longer it will remain airborne and the more likely it will contact the target pest.  Examples:

Aerosol Spray:  50 microns

ULV Fogger:      20 microns

Thermal Fogger: 5 microns

Droplet size must be large enough to contain a lethal dose to kill the target pest.  For example, mosquitos have a much lower lethal dose than house flies.

Some examples of Curtis Dyna-Fog’s most popular products:

Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger – Easily, effectively and economically dispenses oil-based insecticides, fungicides, odor control and other chemical products. The electric starting system assures greater reliability and ease of operation. The portable Gold Eagle fogger allows precision control of fog output indoors or outdoors to control zika, malaria, dengue fever, etc. No other portable machine of this size can match the Golden Eagle’s output.

Hurricane Portable Electric Aerosol Applicator – This cost-effective, 110 Volt workhorse dispenses both oil and water-based insecticides, germicides and disinfectants. Adjustable output from 0-5 gallons per hour makes it great for large or small areas. The Hurricane is used effectively in warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, schools & nursing homes.

Cyclone Ultra Handheld ULV Sprayer - Sophisticated metering ensures tiny particle size (under 20 microns) regardless of product being applied. Ideal for pest control work in hospitals, green houses, apartment buildings, homes, schools, restaurants, etc. Apply pesticides, deodorants, fungicides, miticides, much more safely, efficiently and economically. Great for both indoor/outdoor applications where 5-20 micron size is required. is a leading pest control equipment website focused on providing all the equipment, parts and pieces you need to keep your Pest Control company operating efficiently, effectively and profitably.