Qspray Launches New Multimedia Series Promises Help For Pest Control Companies

Qspray Launches New Multimedia Series Promises Help For Pest Control Companies

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 1, 2019

Phoenix, Arizona -- Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment & Spray (Qspray) has seen some really poorly maintained equipment over the years, the kind that can cause pest control companies to crash and burn in a hurry. He knows it doesn't have to happen that way, and that's why he's releasing a brand new series called "Stupid Sh-t Techs Do." The series is aimed at company owners and managers, and Greess hopes to prevent many of the problems they see on a regular basis.

Preventable Issues

Greess' company services thousands of pieces of pest control equipment on a weekly basis, and many of the problems they see could have been prevented. If the equipment is in the shop, though, it's not out in the field, and that costs Greess' clients’ money.

"I think many of the companies don't realize how much easier things could be. They just don't understand that assuming techs know what they should be doing and how they should do it really damages their operations. I hope to address that in this series," Greess said.

The series will be posted on QSpray's YouTube channel and website. Videos, blog posts, and articles will be available in the upcoming months for owner-operators and company managers to help prevent some of the common problems.

Five Major Categories of Stupidity

The new series will be organized according to the five major categories of stupidity Greess and his team deal with regularly. Category one is those companies who don't dedicate enough time or money to taking care of their equipment. Category two is the mistakes that result from insufficient training.

"Just because you trained Johnny five years ago," Greess said, "You should assume he is still doing what you want him to do. You have to continually train him to use the equipment well."

Category three involves the problems that come when techs are too rough on the equipment. The fourth category is made up of the stories QSpray has seen when the equipment isn't taken care of. The final category of problems is the problems that come when techs who have a bad attitude about the equipment, and thus don't take responsibility for it.

The goal of the series isn't just to showcase what can happen to spray equipment, it's to promote awareness of common issues, how to solve them, and how to avoid downtime within the company.

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