QSpray Helps Army Corps of Engineers in Nogales AZ Flood Control Efforts

QSpray Helps Army Corps of Engineers in Nogales AZ Flood Control Efforts

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 10, 2017

Quality Equipment & Spray and were proud to assist in Nogales, AZ flood control efforts.

Heavy monsoon rains in the Nogales area caused major flooding and threatened homes and businesses. The US Army Corps of Engineers was called in to assist in repairing and reinforcing flood control measures such as wash and river banks.

The challenge is that prior wet weather has produced a bumper crop of Aggressive (Africanized) honey bees around the washes and rivers in the area. Numerous disaster workers from the Army Corps of Engineers and their contractors were seriously stung during the prior day’s emergency repair operations. The bees were preventing the emergency operations personnel from effectively doing their jobs. & President Andrew Greess, relates what happened this past weekend. Sunday afternoon I received an email from the head of the US Army Corps of Engineers asking if we could provide bee suits to support emergency flood response in Nogales. 

reess explains, “We get a lot of bee suit emails over the weekend and we usually respond Monday morning. This one seemed urgent so I replied immediately that we would call them first thing Monday morning and provide all the professional grade bee suits they needed.”

When Greess, got an immediate response from the Army Corps asking if they could pick up the suits that day (Sunday), the team immediately responded to support the Nogales emergency response effort. 

Greess continues, “They had never used bee suits before and didn’t know anything about them. We spent considerable time on the phone understanding the need, explaining the options and describing properuse of bee suits and how to behave when under attack by aggressive honey bees.“

Once the requirements were determined, the rest of the / team jumped into action to help. Warehouse manager Paul Nevarez was about to take his family out to dinner. He diverted to the bee suit warehouse and pulled the order and waited for the Emergency Response representative to arrive.

Nevarez says, “at first my wife was surprised we had to go into work, but when I explained it was to help the folks in Nogales deal with flooding and save homes, she was excited to help. It made it a more memorable evening.”

Bottom line, the US Army Corp of Engineers and their contractors promptly got the bee suits they needed to allow them to finish their emergency response efforts in Nogales to save people, pets and property.

Thanks and their team for assisting in this important effort.

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