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Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 12, 2016

When you buy equipment for your business it's an investment. You want to protect and preserve that investment, taking care of it while in use and after. At we recommend that annual replacement of key parts is responsible ownership maintenance that will extend the life of your valuable equipment. 

One of the most replaced areas is the swivel on hose reels. It's under pressure, chemicals run through it and there are O-rings that wear down since it is in use all the time. We carry two swivel options that you might have on your hose reel. The standard brass swivel and the Super Swivel, that is steel. The Super Swivel is longer and has a grease zerk. 

We recommend every month or two adding some grease in here to help extend the life of the swivel. Visit QSpray today to get new replacement swivels or replacement parts to keep operational.

Watch the video &/or read the transcript below:

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess of We not only build and sell great power sprayers for pest, weed, and landscape, but we also have all the parts and components for you to keep your spray equipment running, operational, and you productive and making money.

One of the parts that's really important to your sprayer is the swivel on your hose reel. This is one of the parts that wears out first because there's O‑rings in here, and the swivel is under pressure. It has lots of harsh chemicals running through it, and it's in use all the time. Whenever you're rolling or unrolling your hose, you're putting stress on the swivel. The swivel is one of the parts that is going to require service. Usually every year, they need to be rebuilt.

We represent two lines of swivel. This is the standard 90‑degree brass swivel. It comes on many of the Cox hose reels that we offer. This is pretty easy to rebuild. There's a lock ring on here. You take that off, and then there's two Viton O‑rings and two Teflon rings that go on there. It's very easy.

This is the Super Swivel. This is a steel swivel. It's a little bit longer. It takes up a little bit more space than the brass swivel, but a lot of people like it. I like this one, too. It seems to be a little bit more heavy duty, but what I really like is there's a grease zerk on this swivel. What you do is, periodically ‑‑ every month or two ‑‑ take out the zerk, inject some grease in there and that can really extend the life of your swivel.

Anyway, on, we not only sell the swivel you need for your sprayer, but we also have the repair kits to keep you operational and productive. Come see us at Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.