QSpray – B&G 410 Series Versatool Termite Rod Kit

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 14, 2016

Qspray carries almost the whole line of B&G products and parts that you could possibly need. The most popular Termite Rod set is the Series 410 VersatoolTermite Rod set. Included with the valve the set is 3 stainless steel rods: 2 7/16", 12" and 40" in length. The third rod is 5/8" and 40" in length for use when a large volume is needed. They all have garden hose fittings that screw into the valve, making rod changes quick and easy. There is a foot ram assembly for the two 7/16" rods, so that the pipes don't get bend when trying to push down. Four tips are included in the kit as well: a 360 degree tip for the larger pipe and three for the smaller 7/16" pipes. There is also a splash guard for these two smaller pipes. Qspray carries more B&G tipsavailable separately and all the replacement parts you may need.