Protek II - How it Can Save You

Protek II - How it Can Save You

Jun 2, 2016

Our  pest control clients really like the Protek II Tool interrupter. Simply plug the Protek II into the customer's existing wall outlet then plug your drill into the Protek. It has sensors to alert the technician when it's touched copper piping water lines or other pipes and immediately shuts off power preventing serious damage. 

At QSpray we understand neither you or your technicians can see through the walls to know where not to drill that is why we sell helpful products like this one. The Protek II will help save you costly emergency plumbing bills and avoid the headache that whole scenario could create. Order your Protek II and see what other  helpful tools we carry at

Watch the video and/or read the transcription below.

Andrew Greess: Hi, I'm Andrew with Today we're talking about the Protek II Tool Interrupter. This is a great tool for termite professionals.

What it does is it helps prevent damage to customer pipes when you're drilling. I know so many termite professionals who had to call out a plumber to dig a hole and repair plumbing, because their technicians drilled into a copper pipe. This tool can really help reduce those expenses.

What you do is you plug the tool into the wall, plug your drill into the Protek II. If part of the drill hits copper or any other grounded metal, it will immediately kick off the drill to prevent any further damage. It can really save you a lot of money. Look for the Protek II at

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