Professional Grade JT Eaton Puffy D Bulb Duster for Pest Control Professionals

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 12th 2019

The JT Eaton Puffy D Bulb Duster is a large capacity bulb duster that is great for pest control professionals. JT Eaton insecticide bulb style professional grade tool for dusting cracks & crevices to eliminate scorpions and other pests. 

This duster is very easy to use and includes different tips - short curved tip, long extension, funnel for loading dust - to use depending on the pest and situation. 

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Andrew Greess: Hi this is Andrew Greess from Quality Equipment & Spray,

Today I'm talking about the max force redesigned puffy D bulb duster. They've made some significant enhancements to it in addition to having a large bowl to hold lots of your dust.

They now include a funnel for easy fill without making a mess. And what used to be an option is now standard. So you can use it for short spaces with the applicator tip or if you want to get in those hard to find or hard-to-reach cracks and crevices that are further away you just screw on the extension and then you screw the applicator tip on the end of that.

And of course it comes with a cap so you can make sure it's not leaking when you're not using or when you’re traveling.

So that's the max force Puffy D duster please look for it at as well as all your pest control equipment needs. Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.