Press Release - New Money Back Guarantee on Power Sprayers

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 29, 2012

Press Release

August 28, 2012
For Immediate Release Quality Equipment & Spray
Phoenix, AZ

Quality Equipment & Spray offers industry’s only money back guarantee on Power Sprayer purchases

Phoenix, AZ -- Phoenix spray equipment manufacturer Quality Equipment & Spray has announced a no- questions-asked, money-back satisfaction guarantee on its best-selling pest control spray rigs and weed control sprayers.

“We want to make it easy for our customers and prospects to buy with confidence on the internet”, Quality Equipment & Spray President Andrew Greess stated. “We have a large installed base of these sprayers and we know they will exceed expectations. This offer removes the risk so clients can buy a power sprayer on the internet and be completely confident in their purchase”.

Quality Equipment focuses on building reliable sprayers to boost technician productivity and reduce downtime. Spray equipment problems cause downtime, which impacts customers and reduces profitability. The company’s experience in repairing sprayers allows it to design sprayers that reduce problems and make routine preventive maintenance much easier.

Quality Equipment & Spray is a regular contributor to Pest Management Professional magazine, sharing ideas to help pest management professionals maximize their spray equipment investment.

Quality Equipment & Spray is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom pest control spray rigs & weed control power sprayers.

For more information, contact Andrew Greess at 602.371.1993, or

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