Power Sprayers with Multiple Tanks - A Million Possibilities

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 6, 2013

power sprayer dual tank single pumpThere are a million ways to configure Power Sprayers with multiple tanks. I will share some combinations of power sprayer in this blog post and will expand on pros & cons in future posts.

Multiple tanks on your power spray equipment can help boost productivity and improve results by ensuring you have the product you need at a given job. There are other considerations of course: cost, space and cross contamination to name a few. Because multi-tank sprayers are more complicated, employee skill level & training can be an important factor.

power sprayer with single tank dual reelDual tank power sprayer trailer with single pump. This gives you two products (e.g., pre & post emergent or pest & termite) on your job site. The downside is product cross contamination. The line is contaminated from where the lines from the tank come together all the way through the entire system to the spray gun.

Power spray rig with single tank, but 2 hose reels. Allows 2 technicians to apply product at the same time to get the job done faster. It is important to select a pump that can drive both reels at the same time.

power sprayer with single tank dual reelDual tank power sprayer with dual hose reels.This boosts productivity and can reduce the volume of cross contamination if one tank is always used with one hose reel. If using both reels for one tank, the amount of contamination is increased.

Power sprayer with complete redundancy. 2 separate power sprayer systems, each with tank, pump, motor & reel. Zero contamination.

Downside - costs more, takes more space.

dual tank dual pump power sprayerWhen buying a complex power spray rig with dual components, it is critical to spend time up front thinking about EXACTLY how spray techs will be using the system. Get input from colleagues and technicians. Select a power sprayer vendor you trust who can help you understand all the decisions that must be made and the impact of each on your business.