Power Sprayers - 5 Important Truck Considerations

Power Sprayers - 5 Important Truck Considerations

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 28, 2011

Pest Sprayers, Weed Sprayers & Tree Sprayers need a place to go. That place is usually your truck. Before buying a truck or a power sprayers (or any other professional equipment for that matter) make sure the truck and the equipment will work together.

Some questions to consider:


1. Is there space in the truck?

2. Can the truck safely handle the load?

3. When the equipment is mounted in the truck, are key components easily and safely accessible by the technician?

4. Is there room for a toolbox or my other equipment?

5. Is there room under the vehicle to bolt the equipment down to the bed?

We have seen quite a few company owners make compromises because the forgot to think about #4.

As vehicle manufacturers cram more and more equipment into vehicles, #5 becomes more and more difficult. Take a look under the vehicle to ensure there are good places to drill through the bed to install the equipment (photo).

power sprayer 5 important truck consideration

Just because your equipment came out of a certain vehicle, for example a 2007 Ford F150, doesn’t mean it will fit in the new F150. Do a little research upfront to make sure you don’t have an unexpected, and expensive problem.