Power Spray Rig – Little Things Cost You Money

Power Spray Rig – Little Things Cost You Money

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 10, 2010

A weed control technician came in and said the Honda engine on his weed control sprayer wasn’t working properly.  It turned out the engine contained bad gas and the culprit was quickly identified.  The technician had left the cap off the gas can used to fill the Honda engine.  It had rained recently and the rain water contaminated the gasoline.

50805 1 plus Self- Venting Gas Can

Because of a small oversight, not putting the gas cap back on the gas can, the Company lost money (paying vendor (me) to clean out the gas tank, clean the carburetor, etc.) and time (technician’s time at the job site fiddling with the engine, driving to and from our shop from the job site, time at our facility waiting for the repair).

Even the little things on your power spray rig can cost you big money.  Be smart.  Check your work.  Use checklists to make sure everyone is doing their job.