Power Spray Equipment: What does it say about your Brand?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 18, 2009

This post will focus on the image your spray equipment sends to the market. Does your power sprayer support your brand or detract from it?

Your brand is everything you do in the marketplace to differentiate your company from all your competitors. Your logo, advertising, operations plan, trucks, uniforms, etc. all contribute to your brand. What comes to mind when you think of the following companies: Wal-Mart, Apple Computer, Starbucks. How many millions have these companies spent to create their brands, and how many billions are those brands are worth? Now think about how you would feel if you walked into a Starbucks and the barista’s uniform was filthy or the store had a foul odor. These companies work hard to make sure these negavtive impressions don’t occur that conflict with their brand.

Now let’s look at your brand. You’ve spent a lot of money on your trucks, logo and signage. You’ve spent a lot of money on marketing and advertising to tell people about what a great company you are. You spent a lot of money developing an operating program and training your technicians. In today’s competitive market, your brand is critical.

Is your power spray equipment supporting and contributing to your brand or is it detracting from your brand?

Some specifics to examine:

  • Professional – does my spray equipment present a professional image? Is the equipment in good shape or is duct-taped together? Is it of reasonable age or is it ancient? Is the hose spliced in 17 places?
  • Neat/organized – is my equipment conveying the message that we are well organized? Can my technicians easily access key components or do they struggle to reach equipment? Must they dig through piles of stuff to get what they need or is readily avaialble? Remember the business adage, cluttered desk means a cluttered mind? The same applies to your vehicles.
  • Signage - Does my equipment maximize opportunities for signage? Some equipment, particularly tanks, may create additional opportunities for signage.