Power Spray Equipment - Waste $100s in 1 Easy Step

Power Spray Equipment - Waste $100s in 1 Easy Step

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 12, 2011

Power spray equipment don't waste money unnecessarily. Running a pest control or weed control business is hard enough without shooting yourself in the foot. That is exactly what happened here. The operations supervisor asked a spray technician to remove a Shurflo 12 Volt pump for service. It appears that the only tool available to the tech was a sledge hammer. This is the pile of junk we got:

power spray equipment  waste $100s in 1 easy step

We don't know what the tech was thinking, but we are reminded of the saying,

"if you have a toothache, you can go to dental school or you can go to the dentist!".

In this case, not only did the tech go to dental school, he flunked out. You spend good money on spray equipment, make sure anyone touching it knows what they are doing. Said another way, "Don't send your ducks to eagle school!" I am not opposed to technicians servicing their own power spray rigs but make sure they know what they are doing first.