Power Spray Equipment - Simpler Can Be Better

Power Spray Equipment - Simpler Can Be Better

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 11, 2013

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When it comes to Power Spray Equipment, sometimes simpler can be better.  Simpler means easier to operate and fewer things to break.

A municipal client came to us several years ago needing a  weed sprayer trailer for spraying weeds on a small airport.  They wanted a weed spray trailer to spray the side of runways.  They wanted 2 boomless spray nozzles on an electric arm that could move in and out to spray different spray swaths.  They wanted everything controlled electrically by the driver in the truck.

We shared with the Client that there were a couple of challenges with this approach.

1. There is a challenge in using electrical controls on a spray trailer. It is no problem to wire one truck properly to control the trailer. It can be a challenge to wire multiple vehicles so that they all can control the trailer.  It is time consuming and can be difficult and expensive since many vehicles electrical systems are different.

jsw weed spray trailer boomless nozzles

2. The more moving parts, the more complicated a sprayer is. The more complicated a sprayer is, the more likely it is that the operator will screw up either the chemical application or the equipment itself.

3. Problems #1 & #2 (above) increase exponentially are when multiple people are using a piece of equipment. This would certainly be the case in this municipal maintenance department.

After a couple of conversations, we proposed a simpler solution. 2 boomless nozzles on a steel arm that could be manually moved in and out. The Client loved it.  It was simple and cheap.

When purchasing your next pest control sprayer or weed spray rig, remember simple can be good.

The recenly paid us the higest compliment.  They want another one just like it.