Power Spray Equipment - Preventing Problems is Cheaper than Fixing!

Power Spray Equipment - Preventing Problems is Cheaper than Fixing!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 20, 2014

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Owners of power spray equipment have plenty of problems to deal with. As the reader(s?) of my blog know, I feel strongly that it is cheaper to prevent pest control sprayer problems than to fix them.  When my kids were young and would spill something, I would ask them if they knew the best way to clean up a mess?"  After a few times being asked this question, they learned the answer: The best way to clean up a mess is to not make it in the first place".

This is really true in business and I was reminded of this during a recent business trip. While boarding a Southwest Airlines a saw this locked cabinet (photo).

prevent spray equipment problems

The combination lock was secured to the cabinet with a thin cable to prevent the lock from being lost or misplaced.  What a great idea.  Southwest probably lost a few dozen locks before they thought of securing them.

When it comes to your weed control sprayers or other equipment, what can you do to prevent problems?

prevent power sprayer equipment problems

Here is a photo of a weed sprayer we built a while back.  There is a boomless spray head that gets inserted into the post shown.  We used a locking pin to secure the spray head.  We used a small chain to prevent the loss of the locking pin.

Do an inspection of your vehicle and spray equipment.  What are some of the problems that a little brain power and elbow grease can avoid?  A few minutes spent on this activity can prevent  headaches, dowtime and unnecessary expenses.