Portable Handtruck Sprayer - Where you need it

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 15, 2013

The right power sprayer tool for the right pest control sprayer job can save lots of time.  Here's an example of a portable power sprayer we build on a handtruck.  It enables the technician to get the sprayer inside a structure where it is needed.

jsw handtruck 25 gal elec sprayer

We can customize the handtruck sprayerto fit the Client's requirements.  For example:

- 115 Volt or 12 Volt battery

- With or without a hose reel

- High volume/low pressure (3 GPM, 45 PSI) or

Low volume/high pressure (1.6 GPM, 100 PSI).

The next photo shows 25 Gallon Electric Handtruck Power Sprayer with a battery box for a 12-volt car battery.  This sprayer works great when there is no local power source.  Battery should be removed if the sprayer will be stored flat.  In this photo the sprayer is bolted to a pallet for shipping.

jsw handtruck 25 gallon 12 volt sprayer

25 Gallon 12-Volt Electric Pump Handtruck Sprayer

These types of sprayers obviously aren't designed for every possible application but for those situations when they are needed, they can be real moneymakers for your company.

We can also build sprayers for almost anysize 4-wheel cart.