Pest & Weed Control Sprayers - Careless Errors Cost Money

Pest & Weed Control Sprayers - Careless Errors Cost Money

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 16, 2010

A technician brought his power spray rig in yesterday and said his Honda engine wasn't running properly.

It turns out that someone had forgotten to put the lid back on the gas can in the back of the truck.  When it rained, water got in the gas can.  When the gas can was used to fill the Honda engine, water contaminated the engine.

To remove the bad gas we had to drain the gas tank, remove and clean the caburetor, remove and clean the gas tank, then reassemble.  The client had downtime and our repair bill, because one of her technicians forgot to put a lid back on a gas can.

Company owners need to reinforce with their technicians the importance of following procedures and checking pest sprayers and weed control sprayers to avoid downtime & repairs.

Many of the ideas for these posts come from Steve Costa, our Shop Manager.  Steve is one of the most skilled spray rig mechanics in the US, can fix almost anything, and is one of the many (in my opinion) reasons to use Quality Equipment & Spray.

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