Pest / Landscape Equipment Safety - Is it Secured?

Pest / Landscape Equipment Safety - Is it Secured?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 8, 2018

Equipment Security is Critical to Your Business

This short video explains some of the risks you may be exposed to if you are not properly securing yoru pest control equipment or your landscape equipment.

Remember - just because it is in the truck doesn't mean it is secure!

Be sure to check your pest control equipment before driving off.

Don’t assume it’s attached. You don’t want equipment flying off your truck crashing into people and property. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault (or your employee’s fault), if your equipment hits someone, a lawyer will sue you. Periodically check your equipment to ensure it’s secured to your truck. For example:

B&Gs, Backpacks, etc. – most of our clients put these in a snug place in the truck. They are prevented from rolling around but they are not secured from being launched should an accident occur. A one-gallon steel sprayer hitting another car’s windshield at 60 miles per hour will not be pretty. Secure these items appropriately. As a side benefit, this could also help reduce theft. See photos for hand sprayer security racks.

Spray Rig – Is it securely bolted to the truck? Are bolts tight? Is the correct fastening system being used (e.g., nylock nuts are unlikely to come loose)?

Tank – Are the tank straps intact? Snug? Secure? Do they show any signs of wear? Perform a thorough inspection periodically. You do not want a tank flying off your truck, becoming a water-filled projectile. A 50-gallon tank weighs over 400 pounds when full. It will destroy whatever it hits.

Tool Box – Tool boxes are usually bolted through the bottom of the tool box to the truck. Inspect for rust, fatigue, or other wear around the bolts. If the material around the bolts is weak, in the event of a crash, the box may fly off.

Remember - just because your pest control equipment is secure under normal driving conditions, doesnt mean that your landscape equipment is secure under emergency conditions.