Pest Control Tank - "You Can't Fix Stupid" Contest Winner!

Pest Control Tank - "You Can't Fix Stupid" Contest Winner!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 31, 2019

The results are in!

stupid pest control tech gets stuck in tank

Our contest to caption this photo of a dopey pest control tech stuck in a pest control tank

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The contest was a huge success.  We received hundreds of entries.  It was difficult to select the best caption.

Instead of 1 winner I chose 3.

Here are the winners:

Clever Category:

“…but that was my favorite pen…”

- Priscilla Brooke Wilson

Sarcastic Category:

And runner up in this year’s Darwin Awards Service Category is…

- Douglas Seemann

Most committed Category (5 entries):

1. Things I wouldn't do for a Klondike bar

2. Silly Larry takes off his shoes and then goes in head first

3. "Dedication, how to get your employees to do whatever it takes to save a nickel" AKA I dropped a nickel in the tank

4. the next time you forget to bring coffee and donuts......

5. life lesson, never assume "the tank said Clearwater, I just assumed"

- Pete Dickerson

For a list of all the submitted captions, please scroll down.


On a related note, for tips on how to clean out your pest control equipment tank, please check out our prior blog post here:

Here are the submissions.  Thanks to all who played along.  I hope it was fun.

Pest Control Expert finally gest the alpha male rat and needs the Clearwater FD to assist him

- Steven Wolfe

Chasing Pests

  • -Carey Chaplic

PMP Portapotty gone wrong

  • -Vladamir Milosavljevic

On this episode of “Tanked”

  • -Ryan S

“…but that was my favorite pen…”

- Priscilla Brooke Wilson

The lengths we go to seal a mouse hole

  • -Steve Gibbens

Head over heals for pest control

  • -Bryan Nichols

Talk of putting your nose into inspections

  • -Raja Mahendran

Pest inspection gone wrong

  • -Michael Cancel

Worker gets “tanked” on the job

  • -Eric Van Holten

Dedication “if it bugs you it bugs me” will go over and beyond to fix your pest problem.

  • -Dakota Dotson

The firefighter at the feet is saying “can someone please get me my breathing apparatus!”

  • -Jim England

Trying to Mix Pesticide with Water, PMP becomes AGITATED and Stuck

  • -Scott Adams

I found the B&G tip

  • -Carlos Vargas

Wait, I almost have my pen

Neil Ritokoski

Man claims giant cockroach pushes him into his own tank of pesticides

  • -Steven Wolfe

Pest Control employee really gets into his work

  • -Robert Weimer

Clearwater FD saves yet another Pest control man from drowning in his own tank of pesticides

  • -Steven Wolfe

Water Baby

- Kieran Lambert

Man leaps headfirst into his work!

- Bruce Jersey

Tanks for the Memories

- Bill Carolan

Tanks Away

- Jim Harmon

Tanks A lot

- Timothy Smith

New version of personal bug repellent in the early stages of testing and application, may need to head back to the drawing board...

- David Collins

PCO must have been tanked! He thought he was in Clearwater

- Tom Koenigs

Extreme Heat Warning: Exterminator goes for dip in tank sprayer to avoid record setting heat

- Clay Francis

1. Things I wouldn't do for a Klondike bar

2. Silly Larry takes off his shoes and then goes in head first

3. "Dedication, how to get your employees to do whatever it takes to save a nickel" AKA I dropped a nickel in the tank

4. the next time you forget to bring coffee and donuts......

5. life lesson, never assume "the tank said Clearwater, I just assumed"

- Pete Dickerson

I saw a spider

- Ben Williams

The last thing I heard: I have tacos down here

- John Michael Flores

Hey Siri, Call 911

- Cody Sandhoff

Go to any lengths to get your bugs

- David Huff

We go to extreme depths to serve you

- Daniel Nabors

1. I found his other half

2. Always jump in feet first sir

- AJ Avots

PCO hides in tank to avoid extra work, gets stuck inside

- Michael Prater

PCO gets tanked early in the day saving a spider

- Steve Totten

My favorite sunglasses dropped in the tank

- Anthony Pizzuto

Losing a tank is an expensive lesson

- Don Termite

And runner up in this year’s Darwin Awards Service Category is…

- Douglas Seemann

I was just trying to retrieve my phone, no texting while mixing

- Phil Sloderbeck

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time
- Dave Reyburn

And this is the brilliant person servicing your home for $45

- Lisa Myers-Botts

Doing a dip in the big top

- Randy Bishop

I’m going to get the inside of this tank clean even if it kills me

- Perry DuBose

Nope, no bugs in here

- Chris Cummings

Local pest control worker eats one too many hamburgers on lunch and gets stuck in the spray tank

- Justin Sipple

1. Help, and I promise this won’t happen again

2. Welp, no gators or snakes in here!

- Brian Spicer

Dave really got into his work in pest control

- Anita Pineda Schwartz

You just can’t fix stupid

- Edward F Schwartz

Karma – using bifenthrin instead of the termidor as promised for the termite treatment

- Tim McMillen

When you try to hide from the PPE police

- Justin Atwell

1. Hidden dangers of triple rinsing!

2. The final rinse!

- Jerry Stockton

Ha ha, he is so ticklish!

- James Richard Stewart

Bobbing for bedbugs!!!!

- Craig Bloom

He really has his head in the game

- Tim Duspiwa

Agitator doing its job

- Robert McCurry’s

Local Man Promoted To “Challenging Crawl/Attic” Specialist

- Marc Mok Moser

He really goes into his job head first, wow

- Paul Milazzo

Pest controller confesses to how he doesn't take bugs home with him

- Daniel Allen

Maybe the vat of death wasn't the best place to hide from the cops

- Aaron Veal Ace

"not my fault I'm not going to make it to work Monday boss. It was your bright idea to have me clean the truck"

-Jason Hight

Failed at his Crack & Crevice training

- John Michael Flores

Local pest man finds new cure for hand foot and mouth disease

- Tyler Nelson

Local "Pest Pro" dives in as heat wave strikes

- Eddie Peuker

Severe bedbug infestation has local pest pro diving in tank to escape infestation, becomes lodged in tank

- Stephen DeMeule

Meanwhile in the World of Economics, "Pest Pros Find an Extra 5% Profit by Siphoning Chemical Out the Bottom of Their Tanks”, off set they are really Head over Heels about this idea

- Travis Aggson

Looking for love in all the wrong places...

- Michael James Burks

Pest Control Worker’s Got More In The Tank

- Jeff Davenport

PC tech gets stuck trying to save a spider.

- Steve Totten

When it's so hot during your route, you'll do anything to cool off.

- Kasey Smith

I never realized I could just shat in my tank!

- Bryant Santsaver

Thus PCO really dives into his work

- Philip McDonald

Well, that’s one way to treat yourself for ticks...

- Tony Carrell

When your using the “good stuff” you have to get every last drop

- Ronnie Eroh

Spray tech won’t help wife clean house, but will scrub the crap outta his tank, then gets stuck! Wife said, Instant Karma!

- James McSpedon Jr.

He was born a bug guy: First time ever capturing the birth of an exterminator!

- Brent Towle

Medical evaluations are underway as a local Pest control Technician claims “He was forced into tank by bugs”

- Jacob O'Neal

My gloves fell off

- Andrew Kowal

But I dropped my 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and had to go in an get it!

- Fred Huffman

PPE...I don’t need no stinking PPE

- Charles Holt

Florida man is at it again

- Chris Cole

He really gets into his job

- Dan Scott

Diving in head first on the job....

- Richard Riley

Must have lost a shoe in the tank

- Andrew Jones

Cleaning the tank must have knocked his socks off

- JustinWhitmer

Me after a really infested bed bug job

- Joshua F Phillips

Pest control professional said he’d rather die than hear his wife nag anymore

- Joshua F Phillips

When you have an ant job and you have no more non repellents

- Joshua F Phillips

Ok ok here’s the best caption seriously. *when customers ask if your products are safe *me: look you could swim around in them, it’s so safe!

- Joshua F Phillips

No Maam, I do not see an engagement in there.

- Ron Jennings

Florida man dives head-first into his work. Told emergency personnel, “I’m new to this so I’m just trying to get my feet wet, but got a little turned around.”

- Bryant James Magnus

Exterminator gets stuck. Tank top prevents extrication

- Jack Waterway

Pest technician takes “diving in,” to his job too seriously

- Andrew Flores Joaquin

Pest technician says he can’t take it anymore, “his customers really bug him”

- Joshua F Phillips

Just a little farther

- Jason Pierce

Almost got it!

- Gene Payne

Anything you can do; I can do better! I’m stuck- scratch that

- Jordan Budenski

That's where the JD9 tip went!! And the Boss said I lost it again!! Told ya I just misplaced it!!! Said No Spray Tech Ever!

- James McSpedon Jr.

My neck .... my back .... my ass stuck in this tank

- Chris Hughes

Agitator doing its job

- Robert McCurry

Bobbing for bedbugs!!!!

- Craig Bloom

the classic Palmolive dish soap commercial with Madge, “Of course, it’s mild. You’re soaking in it!”

- Lucie Woolery

He's a new tech, still wet behind the ears.

- Ian Horridge

I was nearby; thought I heard oh F_ _k , maybe he said I’m stuck.

- Patrick McDonald

I am a visual learner, just seeing where the clearwater went

- Greg Hannon

But I dropped my flashlight!

- Dawn Massi

Breaking news: Pest specialist stuck in tank after trying to cool off from heat, more at 10

- Jack Glick

Dunk tank

- Todd Stubbert

"Last thing I heard”

- John Michael Flores

Hope his snorkel was nitrile

- Ricky Elmore

Local pest control worker tries to seek refuge after spider crawled up his leg

- Chaz Brantley

It’s not labeled for that...

- Barry Wright

Yeah, the stuff is safe, I went swimming in it last week

- Richard D Smith

Head-over-heals for IPM

- Don Jones

This is why you hire techs that are smaller than you

- Toby Chriscoe

Toby Chriscoe; “I actually was told that by a supervisor back in my ship yard days”