Pest Control Sprayers - Quick Hint 17b

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 3, 2007

Want to get more life, and have fewer problems, with your pest control sprayers (or weed control sprayer, etc)? Clean it out. Periodically, rinse out your equipment with clean water and run the clean water through the entire system. Whether it is your big power sprayer or your 4 gallon backpack sprayer - clean it out.

Cleaning  out pest control spray rigs and pest control B&G sprayers will reduce chemical buildup and eliminate debris from your system. Buildup and debris clog filters, guns and tips and may starve or otherwise damage your pump.

You may be surprised at what you find in your tank. In our customers' power sprayer tanks, we have found: paper, beer cans, dead fish and a pair of men's underwear. None of these items contributes to the performance or longevity of your equipment.

I recommend you clean out your power sprayer once per month; your hand sprayer once per week.

Happy spraying.

Note: Photo at right shows power sprayer tank with fertilizer hardened around the pickup tube.  Tank, pump and plumbing required replacement.  He probably should have cleaned out his tank a little sooner.