Pest Control Sprayers - Quick Disconnects

Pest Control Sprayers - Quick Disconnects

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 15, 2010

Installing quick disconnects on your pest control sprayers hose can save time and money.  Quick disconnects (QDs) are spring-loaded couplings that allow the technician to quickly remove the spray gun from the end of the hose.   This offers a number of advantages over the alternative, which is to hard plumb the gun directly to the hose.

Here are some of the advantages of QD's:

  • Remove gun for safe storage, reducing the risk of theft, loss or damage.
  • Easily interchange spray guns and tools to select the correct tool for the application.
  • Easily remove spray gun for repair.
  • Allows easy interchange of tools or installation of backup tools should primary spray gun fail.
  • QD's allow the spray gun to rotate freely on the hose, making the hose easier to handle and putting less stress on the last few feet of hose.
  • Proper use of QD's can help reduce leaks and spills.

Be sure to standardize by installing the same size and style QDs on all vehicles and spray tools, ensures the correct tool and backup is always available.

Quick disconnects can help improve the PMP's productivity and reduce downtime.  Properly used, the advantages more than offset the small incremental investment of installing QD's.


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