Pest Control Sprayers - Problems to Avoid When Buying

Pest Control Sprayers - Problems to Avoid When Buying

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 9, 2012

Pest control sprayers - here are several problems we saw on a rig brought in for service. Be sure to look for these types of issues BEFORE buying your pest control spray rig.

pest control sprayer hose problem copy

Some of the spray equipment problems we found (click photo to enlarge):

1a. Pumps mounted upside down. When the pumps began to leak, the water continually dripped on the motors, burning out both motors. Total loss.

2a. Whoever built this rig installed 2 pumps, with the goal of boosting sprayer performance. It might work if both pumps had the same inputs and could hold the same output pressure. The pump on the right has an easier suction path so this pump most likely got more use. Further, these pumps have output pressure switches that turn off the pump when the desired pressure is reached. What probably happenned is that after a little use the pressure settings varied. The pump with the lower setting would turn off first. My guess is that only one of these pumps usually was operating at a time.

2. Cheap plastic fittings can't hold up in extreme temperatures. Spend a little more and put good quality fittings on the sprayer.

3. All this plumbing is hanging off the hose reel swivel. All this weight reduces the life of the o-rings in the hose reel swivel. This means the swivel will leak a lot sooner than if this weight were not hanging on the swivel.

There were other problems on this sprayer. More goodies to come.

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