Pest Control Sprayers - Lift Weights at Gym; Not at Work!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 20th 2012

Pest Control Sprayer requested by customer was not a good idea in my mind.

pest control sprayers lift weights

Customer requested VALVED QUICK DISCONNECTS on hose end. Quick disconnects are a great idea. They allow technician to quickly change tools for different jobs and to remove tools for repair, maintenance and storage, and allow the gun to spin preventing hose twisting. In this photo, customer requested the valved style of QD.

Valved QDs allow you to remove the tool without any spillage or leaks, even if the pump is still pumping. This sounds good but in reality there are 3 problems:

1. They are heavy

2. They are expensive

3. Because they keep the line under pressure, it can be very difficult to remove the gun.

pest control sprayers lift weights

For these reasons, we prefer the unvalved QD with a ball valve shut off. It is less weight, less cost and easier to remove the gun. Here is a photo of how we prefer to do it:

What are your thoughts on QD's?