Pest Control Sprayers - Easy Problem to Avoid

Pest Control Sprayers - Easy Problem to Avoid

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 8, 2011

When it comes to pest control sprayersand weed control sprayers some problems are so easy to prevent that they should never occur.

Worn Sprayer Engine Belt

For gas powered sprayers, a worn engine belt is just such an issue. Worn belts slip, preventing the engine from driving the pump, or simply break. In either case: downtime, missed appointments, repair expense, lost revenue.

This problem should never happen. A worn belt is totally obvious. It is easy to change and it doesn't cost a lot. Periodically inspect, or train your technicians to inspect, the belt. When it begins to show wear, replace it. Hopefully all your spryayers use the same belt so it is not a problem to keep an extra belt or two in the shop.