Pest Control Sprayer Truck: Space is a Premium - Don't Waste It

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 6th 2011

Pest control sprayers take up a lot of space in a service vehicle. We cant afford to waste any. Pest Control operator brought us a truck and asked us to install a 100 gallon pest spray rig. We were surprised at how the toolbox was installed (photo).

pest control sprayer truck: space is a premium - don't waste it

The toolbox was installed by the truck dealer 4" from the front of the bed. Space is at a premium in pest control truck beds, especially in short beds or when trying to install a large tank and a toolbox.

The pest control sprayer the client wanted and the rack system (installed by the dealer) required an expensive custom skid that would not have fit any other truck. Since the client was planning on trading in the truck shortly, it would not have been money well spent. We advised, and client agreed, it was better to put the equipment in a small trailer. When a new truck is purchased. the equipment will be moved from the trailer to the new vehicle.

Do you have any photos of inefficient spray vehicles you can share?