Pest Control Sprayer - This Doesn't Make Sense!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 21, 2013

When a customer wants a pest control sprayer that doesn't make sense, what should I do? Should I tell him that doesn't make sense? Should I sell him what he asks for? What if he is unhappy with it?

This recently happened to me. A customer called and asked for a 100 gallon pest control spray rig with a 12-volt Shurflo pump. I advised him that most buyers of electric pest control power sprayers get smaller tanks. It is unlikely that he would be able to apply 100 gallons with an electric pump in one day.

Then he went further. He said he was going to put the sprayer in a compact pickup truck. This was more than I could stand. I told him:

1. 100 gallons of water is too much weight for a compact pickup truck

2. The water weight will negatively impact his ability to control (stop, turn, manuever) his truck safely.

3. The weight will ensure that he is continuously replacing tires, brakes, shocks and transmission.

4. There will be no room for a toolbox.

He told me that this is what he wants and to go ahead and quote it.

Here is my vision of what it will feel like when he is driving it:

I feel like I did my duty to share my thoughts, but it is a free country, he can do or buy what he wants. I will put a caveat in my quote that the specs were determined by the client and that we do not recommend this configuration.

What do you think of my approach? Thanks.

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