Pest Control Sprayer - Tank Clean Out is Critical

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 31, 2011

Pest control sprayer tank full of debris?

Bobby Rosales, Owner of Affordable Pest Control asks,

I have been using a product called Tank Cleaner at the rate suggested. Now when i use my tank, I can only spray about 5 gallons before my filter and tips clog up. Is there a product that I could use to clean out the tank (besides elbow grease) and that would also help clean out the lines as well?

My response: Tank cleaner works for cleaning out chemical residue, it won't remove debris from your pest control spray rig tank.  Find a place where you can dump your tank without a problem. Take the filter off completely and use a garden hose to flush the junk in the tank out through the open filter. You may have to pick rocks out of the tank by hand. You can use an air line to blow junk out through each of the feeder hoses. Once you clean out the tank and the feeder lines, put it all back together and run clean water through the entire pest sprayer system.