Pest Control Sprayer - Personal Protective Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 18, 2013

Every pest control professional (or weed control professional) knows that personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical part of the job.

PPE is required by the chemical label, EPA, state regulatory agencies, company policy, etc.  My experience is that while many pest control technicians (or weed control spray techs) are applying product they wear the appropriate PPE.   However, we often see technicians that are not using PPE at other times.  For example, when bringing in equipment for service, technicians often do not wear gloves when starting, running or carrying equipment.  This creates a chemical exposure that puts the technician at risk.

Wear your PPE at all times when in contact with application equimpent or chemical.  Insist your technicians do the same.  Ride along with technicians to ensure they comply with Company policy.