Pest Control Sprayer - Just because its in the truck...

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 11, 2012

I discussed Pest Control Sprayer safety in a prior post.  One of the key points about your Pest Control Equipment was "just because its in your truck, doesn't mean its attached, secured or safe.

Today I have great pictures to prove my point.

rusted bolts pest control sprayer

These 3 nasty, old, rusted, corroded bolts were the only thing attaching a 25 gallon pest control sprayer to the pest control truck bed.  The pest control spray rig, when filled with water probably weighs about 300 lbs or more.

The thought of a 22 year old kid, texting while driving this pest control spray rig around the streets of Phoenix scares the hell of out me.  If this vehicle had been in an accident there is not much chance that these bolts would have held.  There could have been tens of thousands of people reading about it in the local paper (instead of one bored guy reading it in my blog).

- The bolts holding spray rigs, tanks, tool boxes can wear.  Check them.

- The straps holding your water tank can wear.  Check them.

- The bottom of the toolbox (around the bolts) can degrade - check it

- Ensure small equipment (like B&G sprayers, Birchmeier backpacks), ladders & hand tools are secured and tied down.

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