Pest Control Sprayer - Identify Problems Before You Buy

Pest Control Sprayer - Identify Problems Before You Buy

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 1, 2012

Pest control sprayer brought in for service. We noticed some obvious problems:

pest control sprayer identify problems before you buy

1. Hose into pest control spray rig filter is kinked. This restricts flow to the pump, which will eventually cause problems.

2. Fittings are plastic. Plastic fittings don't hold up to heat, cold or time. This is particularly a problem on the input and output of the filter. The technician will (or should be) checking the filter frequently. Opening and closing the filter will torque the plastic fittings which will eventually break, causing downtime and possible chemical spills.

3. There is no shut off valve before the filter (you can't see it in this photo, but take my word for it). Because this tank is plumbed from the bottom, this means you can't check the filter when there is water in the tank. Filters should be checked frequently, not just if the tank happens to be empty. This is a problem waiting to happen.

Be sure to check your power spray equipment for design problems such as these. These problems are very inexpensive to fix. A few dollars spent on improvements will prevent much more expensive downtime, repairs, and chemical spills.