Pest Control Sprayer - Carelessness Costs Big Bucks

Pest Control Sprayer - Carelessness Costs Big Bucks

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 22, 2011

Pest control sprayer and vehicle were a total loss due to fire damage.Check out the extensive fire damage to the pest control rig in this vehicle. Fortunately no one was injured.

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The center of the pest sprayer vehicle once held two 100 gallon plastic tanks filled with termiticide. The tanks just melted, spilling chemical. The pump, motor and all the hoses were a total loss. The 2 hose reels appear salvageable since they are on the opposite side of the truck from where the fire was.

The best guess is that the technician flipped a cigarette butt into the back of the truck, though the tech denies this.

Some thoughts to prevent this from happening:

1. Keep your truck neat and clean.

2. Remove any trash, litter, debris from the vehicle.

3. Clean up any spills, especially flammable liquids, immediately.

4. Check the gas can to ensure it is clean, lid on and in good condition

5. Supervisors, managers, owners should perform truck inspections

6. Don't hire dumb asses.

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