Pest Control Spray Trailer – Pretty Neat

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 19, 2012

pest control spray trailer enclosedPest Control Sprayer Trailers are usually built on flat bed trailers or open steel frames. This Pest Control Trailer was kind of unique. Client brought us an enclosed trailer and said build me a pest control sprayer.

This pest control spray rig consists of a 50 gallon 12-Volt Shurflo sprayer with Cox electric Hose reel in the trailer. We cut an opening in the side wall and installed the Cox 4-Way Roller Guides. Hose pulls through the roller guides so client can easily apply pesticides while trailer is locked.

pest control spray trailerA couple of other neat features:

- Hose rewind button mounted on outside trailer wall for easy access. A kill switch inside the trailer allows operator to deactive rewind button.

- Hose reel raised so operator can grab hose at comfortable level without bending over.

- Hose end secures to quick disconnect mounted on fender. This prevents the hose from unwinding because electric hose reels do not have reel locks on them. If they did have locks, someone would try to rewind hose while the reel was locked, burning out the motor.

- Anti-siphon has hose extension to back door to make tank fill up easy.

Client was very happy with the final result. Trailer will be really cool when signage is applied.