Pest Control Spray Equipment Safety - Quick Tip

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 16, 2013

Pest Control Equipment - here is a quick and easy safety tip. Before you get in your vehicle and drive off, do a quick visual inspection of your pest control spray equipment to ensure it is secure.

Be sure to consider if the pest control sprayer will be secure in the event of a problem (e.g., accident, sudden stop, sudden lane change, etc.). Remember:

Just because it's in the truck, doesn't mean it's secure.

One minute spent checking your equipment can prevent injuries & accidents, downtime and equipment repair expeense.

Here is a great example:

pest control spray equipment problem

In this photo, the Birchmeier backpack sprayer and the B&G Sprayer are not secured.

Here are the risks I see:

1. Birchmeier / B&G roll around and become damaged, costing you time and money.

2. Birchmeier crashes into solenoid/electrical components on side of reel causing downtime/repair expenses.

3. B&G crashes into Shurflo pump causing chemical spill, downtime, repair expense.

Our spray equipment repair shop repairs lots of equipment because the technician didn't secure it and the equipment came loose and rolled around the bed of the truck.

We never expect problems to occur, but they do. Be prepared. Conduct these inspections periodically to ensure you and your employees are being as safe as possible to protect your business.


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